Don’t listen to anybody, be your own growth scientist.

Recently we finished our Growth Hacking Bootcamp for Mobile Startups. It was a premium event and we had a solid crowd of founders, developers and marketers. Not amateurs, but people who had skin in the game. It was a open discussion where the attendees could interject and ask questions. It was a two way street and had a lot of chit-chat about problems faced by everybody, it was casual and very refreshing. Refreshing, because in India most of the events the speakers talk and the attendees listen.

This chit-chat led to a conversation about Facebook marketing and how everybody gets abysmal results on their spend. In fact for our Bootcamp, our highly targeted, crazily customized, A/B testing campaigns gave us a whopping ZERO sales. Now you could argue saying well you can’t cold sell on facebook. But promotiong on Facebook groups gave us majority of our attendees, now isn’t that cold selling as well?

Before I digress on to a new tangent, everybody in the camp agreed that Facebook advertising isn’t up to scratch. You get fabulous prospects such as this when you pay a gazillion bucks.

Now his status reads “Look baby you probably think you are very cute, So.I. baby, I have a much more higher level of attitude”. Sooo…I also like the fact that he’s United States’ Ambassador to Indonesia and obviously these diplomats have too much time in their hands, so they use their quality time in showing off their looks as models and he studies as well.

Targeted a person in Bangalore, who is a founder of a mobile startup, interested in mobile development and we get the above gem. We paid facebook for that. Why do I say all this?

There are growth hacking gurus, digital marketing divas, facebook…? Well you get the point. They don’t know you, where your startup is from, what are the issues that you face, your budget, your target segment, your competition, nothing. You could read articles and articles about how some growth hacker in arizona grew his e-mail list by 15,000 people after spending $0.02 and 2 hours. But you wouldn’t benefit from it or mirror, because your situation is completely different.

So here is my $0.02. Be your own growth scientist, personally and in work. Run your own experiments, if your health isn’t good figure out what you put in yourself, if your company’s health isn’t good figure out what you put out there.

Run your own experiments and be meticulous about it. Understand your demographic, target market, possibilities, competition before reading about others’ exploits. I want to end this with a quote about understanding oneself and this is what I found.

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
Ramana Maharshi

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