A simple guide to becoming a Growth Hacker

To put discussions to rest if Growth hacking is bullshit and what not, we decided we’ll list down what skills constitute a growth hacker and how it is important for businesses.

Like you would have heard many times, A growth hacker is a mixture of Marketer, Data Analyst, Developer etc. Let’s talk about what are the important aspects of being a Growth Hacker.


Understanding Product 

A Growth Hacker should understand the product she is selling, if it has a market fit and also the UI/UX. Creating processes, funnels are in-grained into the product, this requires understanding of the user flow and user experience. Understanding the product from the perspective of a customer will also provide valuable data.


Understanding the User. 

If a product market fit is attained or like we call it a customer-product fit is reached, it makes it easier to zero-in on the true customer. What does it mean to know the customer? It means if the customer finds value in the product and will spend money for it and second is understanding the buying patterns of the customer, third is knowing their social media habits to speak the language they speak to appeal to them effectively.


Understanding Platforms.

A lot of people skip this aspect of being a Growth Hacker. To be a good growth hacker you need to understand how platforms work and how people in those platforms work. Randomly spamming groups on Facebook or using bots to automate might not work. You need to understand how to work the crowd and get them interested in your product inspite of many distractions.


Understanding Data. 

Numbers don’t lie about your business, or don’t lie if your users do not like your product. The important step here is to set-up tight analytics and track very meticulously. When you understand data, you understand behaviors, you can form hypotheses based on that and run different experiments.


Understanding Tools. 

To be an effective growth hacker, you need to work with different sort of tools. Tools that scrape, tools that automate, tools that structure and much more. Learnings these tools and putting it in action makes a whole lot of difference.



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