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We call ourselves Growth Scientists, why? In the present world, experiments are the things that work for startups. Experiments are easy to create, don’t have to spend a lot of money and if one doesn’t work, you move on to the other. Startups need to track meticulously what works for them and doesn’t. We set your system up and give you modules to work on that help you get traction and more. 

  • Acquisition

    Acquiring targeted customers from various channels through experimentation.

  • Activation

    It means to get the user started on your app/service based on your business.

  • Retention

    To retain your user without them dropping off/Uninstalling/ Stop using your service.

  • Referral

    To make your existing customers talk about your product, incentivize them to share and spread the word

  • Revenue

    Monetizing your product.


  • $1000* ONE TIME
    • Step 1: We create a Lead Magnet - A landing page that will get you more conversions. We help you increase your funnel. 
    • Step 2: We first optimise your SEO for Organic searches. Then we run performance ads campaigns (SEM + FB)
    • Step 3: We plan your Content & Social Media calendars. 
    • Step 4: Figure out which partners to reach out to (Affiliates)
    • Step 5: We help in closing deals and getting repeat customers.
    • We charge you 15% over the SEM & Performance Ads spend.
    • SEO + Content + Social media + Partner Affiliates (1000$ a month). We deliver on all these plans within a week.
    • Milestone Based Charge - We increase users/downloads/subscriber email ID's to 20000 (500$).


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